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Reading in Paper [Spanish Version] | Runners World Argentina 2018 Julio [page 68]

Posted online | RW Runner's Stories

“When I was in high school, I was running down a dark sidewalk when I came upon a man in a suit and tie, presumably leaving work. As I got close enough for him to hear me, he grabbed his briefcase and sprinted away, before looking back, seeing a 16-year-old runner, and slowing to a walk. I felt bad for startling him, but realized that no matter how much we all think running is a normal part of life, it’s still not. It remains a defiant action to the sedentary pace of modern daily life. In this man’s mind, it was more likely that he was about to get mugged than that a jogger was headed his way. The memory makes me feel bad for inciting such fear, but also proud that I’m out here running through the city.” —Peter Bromka, runner and writer based in Portland, Oregon