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3 cunts jack-asses, a dog, two of the regular parrochian groups, and the other of eating people

3 cunts jack-asses

  1. a car driver goes very fast in Dante Av and I am running through the boulevard. I don't like that one bit.
  2. another car driver goes very fast moving through Rondeau street exiting the park and I am running below sidewalk.
  3. immediately after previous: another car passes behind slowly and stops my momentum from crossing to the other side.

a dog

Animals, not only frogs, cross the street. they can sense the flow. I see a dog measure the timing of one car go pass and cross before the next one comes near even if he notices that a second car is coming a little bit further away. a predator would see the same animals for dogs or humans with caloric thermo-vision, and perhaps cars as also heated machines with likely another temperature than living beings.

two of the regular habitue groups

Skaters and running group in the bright late lights (of an elsewhere dark space) of inner park, despite Friday night.

the other of eating people

People listening to cuarteto's popular music while going to eat popular foods such as choris and ice-creams.


A homeless person, with old dirty hair and clothes holds a sign at a traffic light in my first loop. By the second, of three loops, he is no longer there. He carried a cardboard that I imagine had some writing for begging. Not a regular of the park-side but definitely a regular of the city, and the night.