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other epic awakenings: homer's odyssey

I woke up from coma. And started running.

You can make up quite a good amount of lies to begin with and you're already in. I have never been felt a runner in the past or now. Nor have I identified with a single or couple pair of labels to say or know who I am. Perhaps I do feel like a family person, sometimes a friend. In both cases with intermittent even if mild crisis once in a while.

I enjoy jogging, even when not too attached or serious. Perhaps I could do an experiment. What would happen if I simply commit to run 3K every morning? This is still hypothetical. But what happens if I run a certain amount: let's say to add up an average of 50K per week, 200K per month, 2400K per year. And add up a certain (small) amount of stretching and some strength training. This would be a mild version of Rory Bosio which could at least give some peace of mind and a change of pace in daily activities and desired to leave behind some physical limitations. No serious limitations but I feel bad that sometimes stiff I can't easily cut my toenails or tie my shoelaces.

What if?

Jeff Galloway popularized (and invented?) the run-walk-run method

Good influence on the Mirnavator. If she condsiders herself a runner that should suffice. Or does the general opinion matter?

What is being a serious runner?