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Grand Teton with Anton Krupicka & Kilian Jornet

I found a video of Anton Krupicka and Kilian Jornet going up and down a mountain. Doesn't seem very elocuent since their is not much speaking. Just an indie song in the background, some breathing noises and the thrilling views of rocks, sky, and landscape, aside from the quick movements forward and shifts to the side by the camera. Also nice is that Anton appears drinking water from spring fountains directly with the mouth, without even using hands.

Important perhaps on this screening is the (perhaps apparent) simplicity of the endeavour, the speed recorded in the comments on the video, and the companionship between two legends. And even so, at the end of a seemingly wild run, they arrive to a dirty (not paved) car parking lot.

Uploaded by Anton Krupicka 9 ago. 2012

Best shoes I've ever used: 2011 | NEW BALANCE MINIMUS - Anton Krupicka in Brazil

Working with NewBalance is a real pleasure and something I really appreciate because it allows me to work real closely with the design team, product management team and in the minimus we were able to develop a shoe, a concept that is something that I believe in a lot. And that is allowing your foot to work naturally as much as possible while still protecting it and as a result strengthening your lower legs and feet. And hopefully becoming a more efficient runner, more injury free runner and as a result enjoying the running experience more.

I have never ran in this kind of environment before. It's gorgeous: the canopies of the trees, the beach. I just didn't know what to expect, but it's great. It seems as if for runners it's always the same... [laughing] everyone runs for the same reasons..... and has the same experience. And it's neat that you can have that shared experience anywhere in the world.

When I am running I guess what I enjoy most about it is connecting with the land, the mountains, forest, nature, and using that time each day to appreciate nature, and get away from the distractions of most of everyday life. No telephone, no computer, no music and just getting out there. Being quiet and using that time to connect with my surroundings.

How This Former Child Soldier Became an Ultrarunning Prodigy | Meet Mira Rai—Nepal’s first female sports star and the 2017 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year | SHORT FILM SHOWCASE by Lloyd Belcher

She had a lot of work to do indoors but preferred outdoors. A hard life of work is also good training says Mira Rai, Indian ultra runner. She left school at 12 to trade rice from 4am to 7pm. Nepal at war. Uncertain future. Joined Maoist army with the promise of 2 meals a day. Two years in the jungle but no battle.

Mira wants to fight for woman's equal rights to participate in this kind of running competitions.