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Ultra sport is the practice of a sport that becomes extreme for the body due to the intensity, the duration, or the environment in which it is practiced.

Killian Jornet:

Nadie sabe nada en este deporte. Es muy nuevo, y lo bonito es que quedan muchas cosas por investigar por delante y que van a ser Ăștiles a todos. [Nobody knows anything in this sport. It’s a very new sport, and that’s nice because there is a lot of things to discover and it will be useful for everybody.]

Kilian Jornet: inside the mind of the world’s best mountain runner | Video The Guardian on Mount Everest

Fri 23 Jun 2017

Mostly up there, everything dissappears. You just take the things that make you survive. You don’t think about the past. You don’t think about the future. You just think about this moment and actually when you reach the summit, it’s not like in some mountains here when you have adrenaline that comes up and all the emotion comes out. You don’t want to spend energy on having feelings so the only thing that you can feel is a deep satisfaction. But that’s all. Like you are happy to be there and it’s just a beautiful moment and then going like “how to enjoy with this pain”? And just trying to not think about the pain or about the dangers

I tweeted this summed up:

KJ: Everest: no adrenaline. You don’t want to spend energy. You can only feel a deep satisfaction.