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Thoughts While Running

  1. Auto-ethnography. Important because closest view, as single reason. Also you can be offensive aside from defensive from a moral high ground. Also the style can get better. And can include a bit of fiction if notified in advance. Check Rosanna Stevens PhD novel on whiteness. This material alone can be good elements to work with for an article, as an extension of literature review and getting into the data. Also highlighting the forms and genres of auto-writing by runners as well as documentaries. Check my own upload on: Trail-Running Books for Your Reading List
  1. It's more pleasant not to think about running when running. Think of something else. Or nothing at all.
  2. Skate section is brighter at night than the rest of the park. It's dangerous to go out there as a woman. Fortunately, I've been reading Karno's confessions of an All Night Runner, which is encouraging. Also he's said he's bulky and trains plenty on torso, which makes him heavier for ultra. Perhaps if he did reps quicker the muscles could become faster and with less size?