🏃 ULTRA ramoneando

Urination / taking a leak / pee

So it was wery humid and hot and I needed to stop to take a very brief leak where no one could see me. The only other time that I needed to do this there was a public bathroom but now I couldn't find one (now I realize that the pool has bathrooms, not sure if open at these hours). In front of the stairs. Hope not causing offenses.

Most part of this public space was very well designed nearly a century ago. Although the water is stagnating. Another point to consider is the variating functionalities the space has for different people: several different "food trucks" as choripanes, hot dogs, french fries; street vendors of several products such as other local foods, artisan work. By night all of these live together in a small space along with prostitutes.

Check on Perlongher. Review on Palmeiro,Cecilia.2013.El deseo como negocio.Perlonger,Nestor.Michè.CECyP.