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On Africa

stnq. @2paciskasinova Instead of reminding you should have read a book or two. Africa, where they currently starve, had once semioptimal farming places that fed them. Then bla bla racist whites had to dissapear, leaving uneducated and entitled black people to 'starve' because there was no one able and willing to produce food. So instead of educating them, we started handing out. Gues what, a looooot of years later, they STILL don't farm crops, they still sit and wait because white people will give. That is why they starve. In fact, we're actually half responsible for them starving as people like you lobbied for hands out all the time. Give a man a fish, give a man a fishing rod.

  1. Children spend less time outdoors than a prison inmate.

  2. The longer a child with autism goes without help, the harder they are to reach.

Finland is the first country in the world to get rid of school subjects [Bright Side]

the_fcker Why you are afraid of being lonely? I mean being lonely makes you stronger and a better person. You can work to improve yourself over that time, find new ideas, hobbies etc, without having others influencing you and restricting you, or others to care about (caring takes a lot of your time). Embrace loneliness and make that time count.

dantesterlingos. Dopamine and serotine are neurotransmitters (I don't know how are they called in English). Dopamine is for blocking/controlling the emotions and movements and it is one of the factors that cause Parkinson's sickness (also don't know the name in English). Serotonine is important for controlling mood, sleep, hunger and excitement. Oxyctone is basically sex and love hormone.

dantesterlingos @dantesterlingos Also "Epinerfine" is the one that causes depression.

1333x42 99% of all species which have ever lived are extinct today. Every Day around 25 species vanish from the face of the earth completely without human interference. Saving species is just the next sign of the insane arrogance of mankind. How should influencing nature fix the problem if influencing nature was the problem all along? We will be gone in x years and the planet will heal. Life will go on. We can't stop billions of years old earth even if we tried. We are way too small and unimportant to do damage on a cosmic scale. All we did and everything we are going to do in the future will be forgotten and gone like it never existed in 1 billion years.

What if humans suddenly disappeared

├╝berfacts [gif or video]

According to Richard Bribiescas, Professor of Anthropology and Deputy Provost at Yale University, older men with children and a little extra weight are most attractive to women. Their children suggest increased virility, which throughout human history has been a vital biological trait in male partners... You know, to continue the human race with their strong-swimming sperm, like 73-year-old dad and legend, Robert De Niro.

(Rick n' Morty in real life)

anandharshal. Some believe the overlapping timelines are because of the Hadron Collider in CERN. I've read about the Mandela Effect, it is quite interesting. One group of people remember Star War's famous dialogue being "Luke, I'm your father". While some remember it being "No, I'm your father".

On the problem of where to place, or how to avoid alltogether, astronaut's shit

frutynator. feed him a shitload of honey. Honey is allegedly the only substance the human body can fully absorb.

On soulties

REAL CAPTAIN HERE. It's called a soul tie. Your soul have layers and you give away these layers of your soul to things you are addicted to, people you love, people who abuse you, people who manipulate you, ideas* (personal note: freedom in promethea), places, things etc. Lots of times you give your soul to things without even knowing it, and you become drawn to that thing. Same reason people who are abused seek out abusers. Because their soul is tied to abuse. That is why people lose themselves and become a shell of their old self when their soul is fragmented and given away enough times. The only way to restore the layers of your soul is to be reconciled to God through repentance of sins and faith in Jesus Christ. When you do this, God gives you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and the power to loose and bind things on earth and heaven. As a Christian, you have the power to call back all the layers of your soul ties that you have made and you become whole.

So the French scientists have invented a microalgae lamp that consumes one ton of CO2.....

This is awesome since with more people we need more oxygen. Also, it reminds of the documentary Sharkwater where it states the importance of sea microorganisms to sustain life in the whole world.


asoaresbio. Sci-hub! It's magical

18 Girls describe the weirdest thing about guys

  1. How do you run with things between your legs?

If meat eaters acted like vegans (funny video)