the importance of health as an altrustic reason

runner's world [interview 2017]

an ultra runner nun says that staying fit and healthy means I can be of service to others longer

Since I read Phil Knight's memoir and would like to keep track of historic influences I should well read about some like Bowerman and Pre.

The Secret Behind Nike Air [video]

The video shows grand athletes and how they train. From their sessions they give breath to fill in the air of shoes that are served to supposedly serve the public better...


this takes sweatshop to a whole different level...

Gabriel Porras 1 year ago

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This is satirical advertising. Satire is humor intended to "poke fun" at someone or something. The short film is using mild comedy, clever comedy, to advertise a product without saying "BUY THESE SHOES" over and over again. It's clever and mildly amusing to keep our attention in hopes that people will talk about the film to generate more "buzz" or awareness of the product.

Jane EB Smith 5 months ago

+Jane EB Smith o.o I can't read all of dat

munasar mohamed 5 months ago