Me gusta que alguien diga que no usa tracción a sangre porque sea un ecologista hippie. Sino que lo hace porque puede, se la banca y va literalmente contra la corriente (mecánico-automovilísticamente). Maddox:

And before you pigeon-hole me as some kind of granola bicycling activist, here's an important fact for you to consider: I don't give a shit about the environment. I don't ride my bike because I have delusions about saving the Earth. I'm not doing it to reduce my carbon footprint or to reduce our dependence on foreign oil or any of the other stupid hippy reasons people usually cite to guilt people into riding bikes.

I ride my bike because I'm a badass. It's badass to get where you're going entirely with the power of raw leg muscle. You have to think quick and pay attention to avoid death in traffic while cycling—the exact opposite of what most drivers do these days, as they're too addicted to checking their phones for the dopamine hit of another few "likes" on social networks. Biking is about efficiency. What kind of badass is a badass who wastes his time? No kind of badass. That's why I'm as efficient as possible when it comes to transportation. [...] The worst thing about cars is air conditioning. Nothing makes me feel more emasculated while driving than air conditioning. If you need your air conditioned to be comfortable enough to drive, go buy a pot and plant yourself in it, because you're a flower. If you're too dainty to live without having your pampered atmosphere, you are too fragile for our genus and might as well be a plant.

También opina contra los viejos, con un poco de dureza pero también con algunos argumentos interesantes. Como que la pérdida de olfato es una condición biológica [ANOSMIA], y lleva a tengan peor olor: explica en texto y video. También da buenos argumentos lógicos cuando critica el uso de: "cherry picking cases" cuando citan un viejo que maneja bien.